Questions: From E-Mailers About 30 Rock, FNC, Morning Talent, & Wald

By Brian 

> Are NBCers expecting a big change on the third and fourth floors of 30 Rock? Who’s moving to Englewood Cliffs?

> “…With forthcoming new assignments for Martha MacCallum and Jane Skinner, could more on-air changes be in the works?”

> “Will Meredith Vieira‘s success drive Diane Sawyer into early retirement? Will it also drive Campbell Brown to another network when her contract expires in early summer 2007?”

> “If Jonathan Wald‘s in charge of fixing CNBC, does that mean he’s about to clean house?”

> Speaking of Wald, is this true?: “CNBC staffers are aghast at the palatial office that Wald has custom built for himself. With NBC hemmoraging money, a hiring freeze in effect and layoffs looming, Wald has spent tens of thousands of dollars gutting his office and installing more than half a dozen plasmas and expensive custom made furniture and carpeting.”

> Update: 3:49pm: CNBC says “Wald occupies the former office of David Friend. Wald succeeded Friend as Senior Vice President, Business News, CNBC. Nothing in it is ‘custom made.’ Furniture is inexpensive and there have been no renovations. Jonathan Wald runs a television news operation and there is nothing unusual whatsoever about the television sets he has in his office.”