Presidential Candidates’ Time on the Tube

By SteveK Comment

• Sen. Hillary Clinton went On The Record with Greta Van Susteren on FNC. The wide-ranging interview touched on topics like health care, the economy and the War in Iraq. Clinton also said talked about the Florida/Michigan primary situation. “We cannot disenfranchise two of the most important states for Democrats, Florida and Michigan. I don’t think we can win if we don’t win Michigan and Florida,” she said.

• Sen. Barack Obama talked U.S. economy this morning in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on CNBC. The bulk of that interview airs during Closing Bell at 3pmET. One week from today, when Hardball kicks off its college tour at West Chester University, Obama will be Chris Matthews‘ first guest. Two weeks later Sen. John McCain will be on Hardball during its stop at Villanova University.

> Update: ABC News anchor Charlie Gibson interviewed Obama today in New York. The interview will air tonight on World News at 6:30pm.

> Update, Update: With dueling interviews across the tube, Harry Smith‘s (filling in on the CBS Evening News) interview with Obama airs tonight as well.

> Update, Update, Update: Obama also took a little time to enjoy The View. This interview airs tomorrow morning…