Can Pres. Obama Unite Bill O’Reilly and Al Sharpton?

By Jordan Chariton Comment

Obama Sharpton O'ReillyAt his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative speech this afternoon, President Obama slipped in a shout-out to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly and MSNBC’s Al Sharpton as symbolism of putting differences aside to get things done.

Presenting his plan to help men of color, the president called out both cable news hosts present in the White House audience.

“If I can persuade Sharpton and O’Reilly to be in the same meeting,” the president said, generating a round of laughter and clapping. “Then it means that there are people of good faith who want to get some stuff done…even if we don’t agree on everything.”

Will the shout-out produce an on-air makeup between O’Reilly and Sharpton over last summer’s feud that wouldn’t end? Stay tuned.