Pope: Cablers Report “Last Rites” News

By Brian 

At 4:36pm, CNN reported that the Pope had been given last rites. Correspondent Alessio Vinci reported from Rome. Wolf Blitzer interrupted Crossfire to cover the breaking news. “CNN stayed with the Pope story, while FNC and MSNBC were in continuous Schiavo coverage,” an e-mailer says. FNC talked about the Pope’s deteriorating health, but didn’t definitively report the last rites news until 5:35pm, according to an insider…

> Update: 11:15pm: The headline has been updated. At 3:46pm, FNC cited Italian news agency reports that the Pope had received last rites, but said it was unconfirmed. The last 15 minutes of Studio B were devoted to the Pope’s health. Greg Palkott reported from Rome during Studio B and Your World…