Piers Morgan Defends Gun Control Coverage: ‘Not My Country, Not My Constitution’

By Jordan Chariton Comment

Piers-Morgan-CNN.com-BlogsThe one-year anniversary of the Newtown school shooting is Saturday, and TVNewser recently asked Piers Morgan to respond to criticism of his gun control coverage.

“I have a position about it which is pretty strong,” Morgan said. “It’s not my country, it’s not my constitution, but I’m a resident here, and I’m therefore governed by the same constitutional rights as anybody else.”

Morgan has been out in front among cable news hosts covering the gun control debate in 2013, covering the issue heavily, even after the initial Newtown news cycle slowed. He even hosted his show from a Texas gun store.

“I say the rights of a child’s life not to be taken at a school should be higher than people’s rights to own machine guns,” Morgan told us. “My position is purely based on trying to stop so many Americans from being killed by guns…that’s all it’s about.”

Morgan’s coverage garnered more than just media scorn: 47,000 people petitioned the White House  to deport him.

CNN will mark the one-year anniversary of the Newtown shooting tonight as Anderson Cooper hosts a special report, “Honoring the Children: Newtown One Year Later” at 10pmET. Friday on his show, Morgan will talk to family members of some of the victims.