Pat Sajak ‘Mea Culpa’: ‘I was the person who introduced Keith Olbermann to America’

By Chris Ariens Comment

Wow. The host of “America’s Game” has it in for Keith Olbermann.

“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak is delivering an online mea culpa for introducing Olbermann to a national TV audience. In the late 1980s, Sajak hosted a late-night show on CBS. Today on the website Ricochet, an online conversation platform that says its members are politically “spread across the right of center,” Sajak writes, “I thought Keith was pretty funny on the air, and I suggested we have him come on the show and talk sports. This was the first of several appearances he made on the show, and he always did a nice job.”

Sajak continues:

I’m not sure how he morphed into the bitter-sounding, hate-mongering name-caller he’s become, but I’m sorry he did. I liked the guy, and he was always a good guest. Maybe it’s just show business and trying to find a place in it and building an audience, but I don’t know. We were never friends away from the show, so I can’t even guess what drives him.

Sajak’s CBS show lasted about 15 months, until the Spring of 1990. He would go on to host a Sunday night talk show on Fox News Channel in 2003 that would also only last a few months, all while still hosting “Wheel.”

YouTube clip of Olbermann’s segment after the jump…