O’Reilly/Letterman “Verbal Brawl” Is “Very Instructive For All Americans”

By Brian 

On Thursday’s Good Morning America, Charlie Gibson asked Bill O’Reilly about last week’s “verbal brawl” with David Letterman

  GIBSON: You seem to enjoy going 10 rounds with Letterman.

O’REILLY: I liked the interview. I think everybody should view the full interview. It’s available on billoreilly.com top to bottom. I don’t know, I’m not giving a plug, but clips don’t do it justice. It was a culture war conversation between a traditionalist, me, and a liberal media guy, Letterman. And I think it’s very instructive for all Americans to look at the whole thing.

GIBSON: He said in the middle of that interview, I went back and watched it, he said in the middle of that interview that he thinks 60 percent of what you say is crap. Is he high or low?

O’REILLY: He’s probably low on that, if you ask my — look. He doesn’t watch the show. That’s the key, and you used the key soundbite. He doesn’t know what I do, doesn’t know what I say. He picks it up from the left wing media because he’s comfortable in those precincts.

Dave Letterman’s entitled to his opinion. But I’ve been on the air nine and a half years now, and we dominate the ratings in cable news as you know, and it wouldn’t be that way if 60 percent of what i say is whatever he describes it as.

When Gibson cited Letterman’s ratings, O’Reilly retorted: The Factor has “more viewers than he does in any 24 hour period…”