Olbermann Talks FISA Tonight in Special Comment

By SteveK Comment

Remember the whole back and forth (and back and forth…) last week between Glenn Greenwald and Keith Olbermann about Obama’s (and Olbermann’s) position on FISA? Well, new week, same topic. Tonight, Olbermann delivers a Special Comment on the subject (he announced this on his Daily Kos blog):

The bill immunizes the telecoms against civil suits, and leaves it wide open for the Justice Department to prosecute, criminally.

And the “right wing frame” on Democrats and national security is an injustice and nonsense — just like all the other right wing frames. Unfortunately, this is the only one that might stick to Obama because irrational fear is a human fundament. If he plays it wrong, he votes against (and the bill passes anyway), he gets stuck within the frame (and loses the election), and nothing legally happens, ever, to the telecoms – or the Bush Administration.

But if he plays it right…

Well, I’m giving away Monday’s comment.


Not sure he’ll like it, not sure you’ll like it, not sure Mr. Greenwald will like it. But I’ll like it.