Olbermann Mocks FNC; O’Reilly Silent

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murdoch_worst_person.jpgAfter all the discussion and revelation over the past few days regarding the supposed truce, many expected something big tonight during the 8pmET hour from Keith Olbermann or Bill O’Reilly. It was a one-sided evening.

Earlier today, Olbermann posted on DailyKos encouraging people to tune in tonight to see his reply. We also know that MSNBC pres Phil Griffin met with the “Countdown” staff this afternoon.

While O’Reilly went the entire length of “The O’Reilly Factor” without the slightest mention of the “cease-fire,” Olbermann repeatedly teased a “Worst Persons” segment with shots of O’Reilly and Rupert Murdoch on “Countdown.”

First, Olbermann accused the NY Times of “carrying water for Fox News and printing a story about a truce that never was.” NY Times’ Brian Stelter was named the nights “Worse” person for writing the article about the truce after Olbermann had denied it. He said:

“Mr. Stelter asked me at least twice last week if there was such a deal and I told him on and off the record there was not and I rather obviously would have to be a party to such a deal and I told him not only wasn’t I, but I hadn’t even been asked to be by my bosses. And he printed it anyway. I had even written to him this was merely a misinterpretation of an announcement I made on june 1 that because Bill O’Reilly at Fox News had abetted the assassination of Dr. Tiller, he had become too serious to joke about.”

Then, as if to prove for certain there is no “truce,” he brought back the “Bill-O the Clown”—and it’s accompanying voice—for the silver medal.

Finally, Olbermann named Rupert Murdoch “Worst Person in the World,” claiming he had “muzzled Bill-O” because of the problems for “Fox’s parent corporation.” He went on, mockingly:

“How dare you muzzle O’Reilly, Mr. Murdoch? How dare you, sir? This is the essence of corporate interference in the marketplace of ideas and it is shameful. Solidarity, brother Bill. Free yourself from your corporate shackles. Solidarity! Rupert Murdoch, who could never get away with that here, today’s worst person in the world!”

Video is up:

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