Olbermann Is Negotiating A New Contract

By Brian 

olbermannov28.jpgMSNBC’s Keith Olbermann must have appreciated his award for “Turkey of the year,” presented by FNC’s Cal Thomas on Fox News Watch last weekend. After all, the network couldn’t even manage to spell his last name right.

Monday’s L.A. Times spell-checked his name, though, and in a feature about the Countdown host, Matea Gold reveals that “Olbermann is negotiating a new contract with MSNBC; his current one expires in March.”

Of his relationship with the network, Olbermann says: “It is, to some degree, a perfect setup. They leave me alone, I leave them alone, and I deliver what they need, both in terms of journalism and the money end of it, the ratings.”

Eat the Press: “Translation: The show is mine, the success is mine, and I can take it anywhere.”

(Screen grab via NewsBusters)