Of Course the Roger Federer Viral Video Is Fake

By Noah Davis Comment

You’ve probably seen it by now. (It’s been viewed 2.3 million times since Monday.) Roger Federer, the Greatest Of All Time, is hanging out at a Gillette ad shoot, deep in conversation with a PA. They discuss a trick, and the assistant winds up with a water bottle on his head that Fed proceeds to knock off with a serve. Twice.

The Web can’t decide if it’s real or fake. Newsflash: it’s doctored.

A couple reasons for that reasoning. First, the fact that Federer just happens to be carrying a racket and ball while having the conversation is about as likely as Ron Burgundy keeping a jazz flute up his sleeve. More damning, however, is the entire scene. The players involved look as though they are prepared to start shooting the advertising spot the tennis star is (supposedly) there to film. Everyone, that is, except for Roger himself. After he knocks the water bottle off the second time, he walks off the set, saying “Take it easy. See you later, eh guys?”

Both Gillette and the GOAT are remaining coy. As Fed told the Associated Press, he’s “not saying it’s real” but “a magician doesn’t tell how his trick works,”

But it’s fake. Of course, that doesn’t matter.