Obama to Deliver Iraq Oval Office Speech

By kevin Comment

obama_8-25.jpgPresident Obama will deliver a primetime Oval Office address on Tuesday, August 31st. The White House formally requested airtime from the networks for the speech, which marks the end of combat operations in Iraq.

This will be his second ever speech from the office, his first came earlier this summer on June 15 when he discussed the oil spill in the Gulf. 32 million viewers tuned in.

Scheduled for the broadcast nets’ 8pm timeslot Tuesday: repeats of “Glee” and “NCIS” as well as new episodes of “Minute to Win It” and “Wipeout.”

CBS tells TVNewser it’s carrying the address with Harry Smith anchoring. NBC will have Brian Williams anchor its coverage. More info as we get it.

Update: FOX broadcast will carry the address, which is scheduled to last 15 minutes. FOX will slide primetime programming, two hours of “Glee,” in the Eastern and Central time zones. ABC will carry it as well, with Diane Sawyer anchoring the network’s coverage joined by George Stephanopoulos. Jim Lehrer will anchor for PBS.