No, Nancy Grace Won’t Be On ‘GMA’ Regularly Anymore… Here’s Why

By Alex Weprin Comment

The New York Post‘s Page Six, in its typically understated fashion, reports today that HLN’s Nancy Grace has been “banned from doing her highly rated segments on ‘GMA,’ sources tell Page Six.”

It is unclear whether those sources include TVNewser, as we reported two and a half weeks ago that Grace and other CNN personalities would be forgoing regular appearances on other network’s programming to appear on “New Day” and CNN shows (almost) exclusively.

The logic is simple: most networks try to keep their talent on their own channels. The exception is when the talent is out promoting a project–usually, though not exclusively, books–and that is the case here as well.

While CNN and Grace may have been happy for a while with the free publicity they were seeing on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” the channel decided that it would be best to keep her analysis in-house. If people want to see Nancy Grace, they should go to CNN or HLN.

No CNN talent is “banned” from appearing on another channel, but as CNN continues to try and reinvent itself and drive up ratings, it wants everyone on the same team, and on the same channel, as much as possible.