News Crews Begin Leaving Haiti

By kevin Comment

cbshaiti_1-25.jpgNYTimes’ Brian Stelter writes about the next step in the process of covering the earthquake in Haiti: the withdrawal of news crews. As the costs and the number of difficulties begin to increase and, unfortunately, as public interest begins to decrease, the networks have drawn down their presence in Port-au-Prince:

Executives acknowledge that the worries arise now. They say, however, that the same technology that let reporters and camera crews arrive ahead of aid shipments will let them withdraw staff from the country but return with relative ease when events call for it.

While finances were not an initial concern, CBS News EVP Paul Friedman told the Times that his network was “drawing down people as fast as we can, because the story is not as central as it was, and because we’ve got to start worrying about all the money we’re spending.”

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More: B&C’s Marisa Guthrie reports: “The bill for Haiti is expected to come to approximately $1.5 million for each broadcast network, say current and former television news executives.”