Newest Turn in Walters-Jones Saga

By SteveK Comment

walters_5-18.jpgThe latest chapter in the saga of the Barbara Walters book tour became the newest concerning her relationship with former “The View” host Star Jones.

Walters appeared this morning with Howard Kurtz on CNN’s Reliable Sources, and discussed Jones, among other subjects brought up in her book:

I mean, we had to lie for her. And I was worried about my own credibility. Joy Behar was very upset about it. But I also said that I have enormous respect for what Star brought to “The View.” She’s a very bright woman. And I think it’s hard for her now. And I want to remember the wonderful days we had. Star is a talent. And Star is very intelligent. And she’ll have a career again.

Speaking of having a career again, Jones found a temporary gig since exiting her TruTV show — reality show reunion special host. In the spirit of Bill O’Reilly and Sue Simmons, Star Jones enjoyed a very YouTube-worthy moment as she hosted Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club,” reunion this week.

Click continued to see her take on non-violence and how she has refrained from leaving, “dead bitches all up and down the highway” (toward the end of the clip)…