New York Post Basically Ignores World Cup News

By Noah Davis Comment

(Oh boy, that’s Morgan Freeman’s music.)

On Thursday, FIFA will award the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to two separate nations. This is massive news. The New York Times has George Vecsey and Jere Longman on the case. Reuters is covering the proceedings in great detail. Australia’s Herald Sun wants in. Literally thousands of outlets are printing stories about what’s going down in Zurich, Switzerland.

And then there’s the New York Post.The paper’s entire coverage? One article, taken from the Associated Press.

Now, the Post isn’t required to cover the proceedings. It’s never been a big soccer paper, and that’s fine. But… if Landon Donovan can land on the back cover for saying hi to his wife, you’d think the most important soccer-related event of the last six months would merit a dozen inches or so from one of the Post‘s many columnists. After all, scandal!

(If you have 42 minutes to spare, you can watch the US’s presentation featuring Donovan, Bill Clinton, Morgan Freeman, USSF president Sunil Gulati here.)