Networks Prep New Technology For Election Night

By SteveK Comment

cnncenter_10-30.jpgBroacasting & Cable’s Glen Dickson previews the new technology being used by CNN for Election Night, including a system to “teleport” correspondents from around the country into the CNN newsroom.

Another change will be with exit polling. “The states are depicted top-to-bottom as thin bars, which conceptually are the ‘edge of a drawer,’ says [Washington bureau chief, David] Bohrman. Each is color-coded red or blue, based on exit poll data indicating whether the vote from a different demographic group, such as men, women, college graduates, etc., is leaning Democratic or Republican on a certain issue,” writes Dickson.

USA Today further explores how the holograms will work. “CNN will have 44 cameras and 20 computers in each remote location to capture 360-degree imaging data of the person being interviewed. Images are processed and projected by computers and cameras in New York,” reports Edward C. Baig and Jon Swartz.

USA Today also gives a rundown of some of the technology being used on other networks.

TVNewser has already written about the “visual reality technology” that will be employed by NBC News’ Chuck Todd on the network and NBC cablers. It will allow Todd to literally walk viewers through potential electoral vote routes.

launchpad_10-30.JPGOne piece of new technology on Fox News will be the “Launch Pad,” a giant projection screen making exit polls, states and more, larger than life. It will be the first time it is going to be used in TV news, and Megyn Kelly, Karl Rove and others will use the wall throughout the night.

Bret Baier reports from a virtual Capitol Building, where he can interact with House and Senate race results and candidate information.

(CNN image courtesy of Jennifer S. Altman for USA Today)