NBC’s David Gregory: ‘Meet the Press’ Moderator, Hebrew Scholar

By Alex Weprin Comment

Shana Tova dear readers, and happy Jewish new year. With Rosh Hashanah upon us, The Daily Beast profiles “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory. This time politics is not the focus, but rather Gregory’s religious routine:

Holidays like Rosh Hashanah, which begins Wednesday night, are a big deal in the Gregory household. Family and friends have joined them around the table in their northwest Washington home not just at this time of year, which marks the start of the Jewish New Year, but also to celebrate Passover. The influence of Gregory’s father, a Broadway producer, could be part of what drives him to bring history to life. “I prepare a big seder where we do the costumes and a script and basically tell the story of the Exodus,” Gregory says. After all, this is the same person who has been known to cut a rug on the Today show…

Fischer, who has worked with Gregory since his debut as host a few months after the 2008 death of Tim Russert, says the sense of purpose Gregory derives from his religion is visible in the Washington newsroom. “He is a very caring and loyal person,” she says. “He’s always willing to talk to people, help people better themselves—always wanting people to succeed.”

As for critics who might question whether his beliefs influence his role as a journalist, Gregory says: “I’ve covered Israel just as I cover other politics.”