NBC Viewers Catch Dangling Camera

By Brian 


An Agence France Presse photographer’s camera interrupted President Bush’s press conference and entertained NBC viewers this morning.

As Bush began to speak, the camera started to dangle above the heads of several reporters. As shown in the screen grabs above, it was clearly visible on NBC’s camera shot. (Update: 6:44pm: The camera also appeared on CNN, an e-mailer says. Here’s a video clip.)

“For those of you watching, we seem to have a mechanical flaw,” he said amid the laughter. He asked the journalists if they were wearing helmets.

“Our friends at other networks, seeing our plight, noticing that our shot was blocked by the Offending French Camera, offered their ‘clean’ feed of the President at the lectern,” Brian Williams notes on MSNBC.com. “For the record, CNN and CBS made the offer and we accepted CBS’s because it arrived first.”

Keep an eye on NBC Nightly News tonight to see if Williams mentions the incident…