MSNBC’s Full Page Politics Ad

By Chris Ariens Comment

MSNBC has taken out another full page ad in the Sunday New York Times, this time tying together the Super Bowl and 2012 Election coverage.

A few weeks ago, MSNBC ran an ad — criticized by some — promoting “Morning Joe” as “The Most Influential Political Show in America.” A week later, there were dueling full page ads from MSNBC and CBS ahead of the launch of “CBS This Morning.”

Today’s ad features Rachel Maddow, who has been anchoring MSNBC’s caucus and primary nights, except last night when Michael Smerconish and Chris Matthews had Nevada duty.

The networks have not yet announced plans for Tuesday’s Colorado and Minnesota caucuses. But the ratings for Florida’s primary showed channels like Fox News and MSNBC actually perform better with regular programming, while CNN, which ranks third in primetime, has experienced significant tune in on primary nights — up 75% last Tuesday during Florida coverage, from its Monday average.