MSNBC Brings Out the Crowd

By SteveK Comment

dnc_8-24.gifMSNBC’s spot outside Union Station at the 2008 Democratic Conventions turned “The Place For Politics” into “The Place For People Without Convention Credentials.”

Although it sounds like the place has gotten a bit more rowdy than when we were there this afternoon, there was a crowd of about 40, mostly fans, who were watching the end of Race for the White House and the beginning of coverage from Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann.

Mixed into the crowd were a few supporters of Sen. John McCain and a pair of “anarchists” who were dressed in black with black masks. But the rest were enjoying the benefits of not having to have credentials to watch live broadcasts.

“We want to show the energy,” MSNBC president Phil Griffin told TVNewser. Describing the other networks’ set-ups as more about “marketing,” he said, “We want to capture the excitement of the city.”


(Norah O’Donnell, Mike Barnicle and Pat Buchanan prepare for a segment, while the crowd waits. Union Station is in the background)

Click continued to see some more pictures from the MSNBC set, as well as some video from the crowd…