Moran on Nightline: “It’s Really a Great Place to Work Right Now”

By SteveK Comment

moran_4-9.bmpNightline anchor Terry Moran joined us this morning on the Menu podcast from O’Hare airport on his way to Nebraska.

We talked about Moran’s Nightline piece last night where he embedded with the Mexican military who have taken over the streets of Juarez to try to clamp down the violence. Moran said the Mayor insisted he take an armored car around the city. “He didn’t want to lose any journalists on his watch, and that’s the Mayor. That’s not exactly a great advertisement for Juarez in some ways, but we certainly appreciated it,” he said.

We also talked about Moran’s reaction to his previous podcast appearance (which got Rush Limbaugh’s attention). “I was a White House correspondent for five-and-a-half years…one of the things you learn very quickly is you have to develop a very thick hide,” said Moran. “Look at the way right now some of the liberal commentators are going after Jake Tapper. Jake Tapper is an outstanding, outstanding White House correspondent…Whenever you challenge a White House, as you should, the other side, supporters of that White House, will assume that you’re wrongly motivated.”

Nightline just finished its first Q1 victory over CBS’ Late Show in six years. “It’s really a great place to work right now, because I think we know who we are and the audience knows who we are, and we’re very grateful they seem to have responded,” said Moran.

Also discussed: his “greatest regret” after leaving Mexico, the state of the newspaper industry and What We Learned This Week (hint: pirates!).

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