Mika in the Media

By SteveK Comment

mika_2-19.jpgMorning Joe co-host (and TVNewser Summit speaker) Mika Brzezinski is interviewed by Lesley Stahl in a lengthy Q&A on WowOWow.com.

Brzezinski talks about her exit from CBS (“It was pretty ugly and I don’t lie about that”), her politically diverse family (“He brought up three very different kids”) and her co-host (“Joe has great visceral, political, analytical skills”).

She also is very honest about going through the process of finding a new job with her two daughters:

When I had a good interview, which was not often, they knew about it. When I had really bad ones and I knew I flubbed it or wouldn’t get the job, they knew about it. And they watched my phone stop ringing and certain friends leave. And they watched it all. And you know what? It has been extremely good for them, as tough as it was, to see their mother fail. And now in the shadow of success again, they’re a little more careful, too. And they’re a little bit wiser, too. And we love what’s happening now, but it doesn’t define us.

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