Mika Brzezinski On Women TVNewsers: “A Constant Battle To Be Taken Seriously”

By Alissa Krinsky Comment

Mika B.jpgMika Brzezinski is interviewed by USA Weekend‘s Carol Clurman. Excerpts:

• On whether there are still hurdles facing women in the TV news industry: “Yeah. It is a constant battle to be taken seriously. I’m talking about the viewers who write in about my hair or my weight. The problem is our society, our viewers. I would look at our viewers and start there with misogyny.”

• On finding a good fit as co-host of Morning Joe: “On our show, I found an outlet where I can be a little imperfect and a little bitter — but be a little smart, too. I used to have to hide.”

• In response to Clurman’s question, “Are you offended when the MSNBC guys talk about how hot you are?”, Brzezinski answers, “If I ever thought [they were] serious, I’d be the first person down in human resources. And I’m not that hot. I’m a 42-year-old Westchester housewife.”