Michelle Jaconi To Helm Breaking News Unit For CNN’s Washington Bureau

By Merrill Knox Comment

CNN is creating a new unit to coordinate live coverage and produce breaking news out of the Washington Bureau, bureau chief Sam Feist announced Tuesday. Michelle Jaconi will serve as executive producer of the team.

Jaconi, who was formerly executive producer of “John King USA,” will helm the Cross Platform Programming Unit, which will consist of the existing live unit, news assistants and political contributors out of the Washington bureau.

“The goal is to amplify CNN’s reporting across as many screens as possible as quickly as possible,” Feist wrote in a memo to CNN staffers yesterday evening (read it after the jump).

From: Feist, Sam
Sent: Tue Dec 06 15:44:57 2011
Subject: New EP of Cross Platform Programming

I’m pleased to announce that Michelle Jaconi will become the Executive Producer of CNN-DC’s newly created Cross Platform Programming unit.

This new unit will be charged with coordinating live coverage and breaking news from the Washington Bureau on all CNN platforms. The unit will ensure that when news breaks in Washington, not only will CNN provide the fastest and most comprehensive coverage; but also will make sure that all CNN platforms (TV networks, cnn.com, social media) are in a position to take advantage of CNN’s exclusive reporting, our correspondents, and our contributors. The goal is to amplify CNN’s reporting across as many screens as possible as quickly as possible. The Washington Bureau’s existing live unit, news assistants, and the political contributors will all report into this newly formed unit.

Michelle moves to this new assignment from her previous role as the founding Executive Producer of both John King USA and State of the Union. Prior to her CNN career, Michelle spent 12 years at NBC News as producer of Meet the Press and the NBC News political unit.

Congratulations to Michelle on an exciting new assignment.