Meredith Vieira Responds To ‘Today’ Rumor

By Brian 

This evening on HLN’s Showbiz Tonight, Meredith Vieira responds to the rumor that she may replace Katie Couric on the Today Show:

Let me ask you about Katie Couric and the talk about you going over there if she did leave…

Well I’m just not quite sure where that came from. So I’m…you know, I’m very flattered. Um, but I don’t know who-where was saying that or why they’re saying that, or any of that. You know our contracts are up in August, so I don’t know what’s going to happen. But…

Is it something you’d consider?

Well what I’ve always said because I love doing this and I love doing Millionaire…but I like that you have a contract in many ways, if you can hold on to the end…it’s a good time to reflect and to you know, size up where you are in your career and your life and where you want to be. And I think that’s an important exercise to go through whether you love what you’re doing or you don’t. Because very often you don’t reflect on your life. your just kind of on the train and it’s moving and that allows you that opportunity. So you know, I don’t know. I never predict what’s going to happen next, because my career has been so bizarre. Who would have predicted that I would go from 60 Minutes, to The View, to Who Wnts to be a Mllionaire. That’s not normal you know…