Megyn Kelly: Still A Rising Star

By Alex Weprin Comment

Is there any anchor on cable news whose star has been rising for longer than Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly?

Megyn Kelly was a rising star in 2007, a rising star in 2008, a rising star in 2009, a rising star in 2010, a rising star in 2011, and now–in 2012–her star is still rising, as the AP notes:

The elevation shows how Kelly, host of the daytime “America Live” program, is rising at Fox. Her ratings are increasing even in a rough year for cable news. Recently she single-handedly minimized the damage after a Fox flub covering the Supreme Court health care decision and even had a surprise talk with an old nemesis, Jon Stewart.

That isn’t to say that Kelly is somehow not deserving of the praise. She has proven herself as an anchor with her own unique voice in the increasingly muddled world of cable news, as she explains:

“I finally reached homeostasis, where my on-air persona and delivery is the same as my off-air persona,” Kelly said. “I want to be able to show who I am to viewers and I’m not afraid to do that anymore.”

“I don’t think that we consider the political makeup of our audience,” she said. “At the same time, I understand that my mission here is not to pick up The New York Times and put their headlines on TV. That’s not what we do at Fox News. That’s never been our formula and it wouldn’t be a winning formula for us.”

Update: Great minds think alike! ICN notices the same thing I did.