Megyn Kelly: Anchor, Mother, Debate Moderator

By Merrill Knox Comment

Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly is profiled in today’s New York Times, and the “America Live” anchor — who is gearing up for Thursday’s GOP debate in Sioux City, Iowa — talks about everything from how she got her start in television (“I said I’d put a stiletto through his eye if he didn’t put me on the air”) to some early-career advice she got from a well-known newswoman who told her she had to choose between having a family or being a major news anchor:

Ms. Kelly — now a Fox News anchor, ex-Jones Day lawyer and blond GQ pinup with the alabaster good looks of Katherine Heigl and the can-do-ism of a former aerobics instructor — decided to ignore her. “It was terrible advice,” she said, recently speaking from her studio.

Ms. Kelly, 41, is part of a new generation of TV anchors — Erica Hill of “The Early Show” on CBS, Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and Soledad O’Brien, formerly of “American Morning” on CNN — who have juggled their careers and family life full-throttle in front of millions of viewers in a way that Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer notably did not. Rather than hide their pregnancies, they flaunt them; rather than cover up their off-hours role as mothers, they turn it into part of their on-air persona.

Kelly, who says she loves the political horse race, interviewed Donald Trump this week about the debate he plans to moderate — and snuck in a question about his infamous hair (video after the jump).