Martin Hopes “God Uses Me As An Instrument For His Will”

By SteveK Comment

martin_4-6.jpgRoland Martin began anchoring the 8pmET time slot on CNN last week (while Campbell Brown is out on maternity leave), and today The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz writes about the “first [African American] to host a prime-time cable news program since Alan Keyes’s brief run on MSNBC seven years ago.”

“His divine hope, says Martin…is ‘that God uses me as an instrument for his will to provide insight to those who are listening,'” writes Kurtz.

As Martin is “taking over a fourth-place program,” he brings a varied political background — voting for President Obama while opposing abortion and supporting the death penalty. “We have to open up our boxes and realize there are actually people out there who refuse to be driven by ideology or party labels,” Martin says.

Click continued to see the war of words between Martin and one of his biggest critics, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg…

(photo by Helayne Seidman for The Washington Post)

Martin and Steinberg have previously clashed on the radio. Says Steinberg: “I see him as a man who can’t think, can’t talk, and here he is doing both on television. I find it mystifying that CNN would take this local laughingstock and inflict him on the rest of the nation.”

Writes Kurtz, “Martin, who says he ‘smacked him around’ on the radio over a controversial column, calls Steinberg ‘a media wimp…a know-it-all with a penchant for being snotty.'”