Mark Cuban Vs. the BCS, Part Three (or Maybe 50)

By Noah Davis Comment

Every boxing fan has complained about the number of undefeated boxers. Seems like any up any coming “contender” has fought the same 12 – 14 record boxer and the same 52-year-old former champs. Whatever it takes to get you wins and keep you un-defeated. It’s the Don King special.
BCS Schools have obviously been watching. Here are some fun facts showing just how big an impact cupcakes have on the teams that make it to the BCS Bowl Games:

And thus begins Mark Cuban’s articulate rant about the evils of the BCS system. (Well at least the latest one.)

The Dallas Mavericks owner is right, of course. He makes the point that BCS contenders play uber-soft non-conference schedules. (Cuban even shows his work.) The goal of these games is to beat up on patsies at home, keep your undefeated record intact, and move on to your conference schedule unscathed.

“The Bottom line is that schools, particularly BCS schools, are doing all they can to game the system,” he writes. “And the BCS folks are letting them.”

That last part is the key. The system is flawed. College coaches will do as much as they can get away with, and the powers that be let them abuse weak teams at home. So much for healthy competition.