Maria Bartiromo Returns to NYSE for Summer Fridays: ‘We Wanted to Kick it Up a Little’

By Merrill Knox Comment

maria bartiromoStarting this morning, and every Friday for the rest of the summer, Maria Bartiromo will anchor her Fox Business show from outside the NYSE.

“Summer Fridays are sometimes lighter days. It’s just a nice change of pace to go outside and go downtown,” Bartiromo tells TVNewser. “I love my set and I love being at the Fox headquarters, which is so convenient for guests, but I figured because we’re in the summertime, we wanted to kick it up a little and do something different.”

Bartiromo, who joined FBN from CNBC in in January, has a long history at the NYSE: in addition to being the first reporter to broadcast live from the floor, her CNBC show was broadcast there. One of the reasons to return, she says, is to “reconnect with people” and Wall Street sources.

“I have so many friends there. I did go down once when I first started [at FBN],” she says. “It was so nice because the guys on the floor gave me such a beautiful welcome, and I really felt great about it.”

With five months of her FBN show and four months of her FNC show, “Sunday Morning Futures,” under her belt, Bartiromo says she has settled into a groove at Fox.

“The team is phenomenal. I am so happy with the ‘Opening Bell’ and ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ teams. They are all hardworking, they are on it, they love this content the way I do,” she says. “I feel so great about my decision.”