Maria Bartiromo: ‘When I Knew My Stuff, Nobody Could Push Me Around’

By Merrill Knox Comment

maria bartiromoAhead of an appearance at The Cable Show in Los Angeles later this week, Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo is featured in a pair of interviews. The FBN anchor talks to Multichannel News about her new co-workers:

I find that everyone is working really hard here. They know they’re number one and they’re busy. They’re going to keep being number one and they’re doing their job. But everybody has been unbelievable; they’ve really made it easy for me, going out of their way to welcome me. Shepard Smith sent me flowers. Bill O’Reilly took me in his office and just chatted me up. Judge Napolitano said; “When can you have coffee?” They are all – Jeanine Pirro as well – they are all being so wonderful to me. So I think that the warmth that they have shown me has been just so great and I appreciate them all.

Bartiromo talks to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about taking on the challenge of being a woman reporting on the NYSE floor at the beginning of her career:

I realized very soon into it that I needed to know my stuff and make sure to study, study, study. I recognized that when I knew my stuff, nobody could push me around. Often times I had more information than some of the guys on the floor had because they really knew the flow. They knew who was buying and how much but they didn’t necessarily know why. That’s true on any trading desk, so it became clear to me that it didn’t have anything to do with knowing the subject. It was just a club-like atmosphere. Very soon into it I had a lot of friends and a lot of camaraderie down there on the floor and continue to do so today. For a woman facing a similar challenge, I think it is very important to just remember the basics. Know your stuff so that no one can have one over on you.