Mad Money: A Good Lead-In For Conan

By Brian 

Following up on yesterday’s Mad Money post: CNBC insiders are calling Jim Cramer’s new show an “unqualified hit.” And the 6pm show has boosted the ratings for the 7pm repurposing of Late Night with Conan O’Brien: On Wednesday night, the 7pm time slot averaged 82,000 — that’s 86% above both the 1st quarter time period average and Conan’s 7pm average to date. Here are some e-mailer comments about Cramer’s show:

> “The call-ins work for me…because it allows Cramer to, in like 60 seconds, address stocks from BOOM to Genworth or Sirius to eBay to VZ.”

> “Let’s face it; most business programming is pretty boring. But ‘Mad Money’ is finally something we can watch that’s ‘fun.’ Cramer loves what he’s doing and certainly knows what he’s talking about, and his show is glitzy, entertaining and exciting. And he certainly doesn’t mince words when it comes to either promoting or trashing a stock or a strategy…I hope his show succeeds beyond all expectations, and that CNBC repeats his show (and Larry’s) throughout prime time. This is what CNBC should be about!”

> “I might watch this guy more often because he gets to the point, gets to it quickly, and doesn’t waste my time,” this blogger says.