Luke Russert on Youth, Bias, Meet and More

By SteveK Comment

russert_10-29.jpgNBC News correspondent Luke Russert has interviewed both presidential candidates, reported from the DNC and the RNC and from each general election debate. His reporting on youth issues has aired on NBC, MSNBC and on the web. But as this election winds down, seeing the name Russert in the chyron may be what sticks out for people watching NBC and MSNBC’s coverage.

I interviewed Russert for today’s feature, “So What Do You Do?”

His take on Meet the Press’ future: “It really is — and all the Sunday morning shows are — really the last frontier in terms of a format that is watched by millions, in which people can actually have a conversation. I just hope it stays in that realm.”

Youth reporting: “A lot of stories stereotype young people as being apathetic, or smoking pot, watching Entourage, playing XBOX all day. Just not caring…Kids are involved in all different facets of this democracy. Whether it be through community service, whether it be through political participation, and the one thing I would like to see is that it’s normal to see a young person contributing.”

Gossip sites: “If you spend your time reading sites like Gawker, and Jossip, and letting them get to you, you’re not going to go very far in this business.”

Also discussed: whether Russert has seen any pushback to his rise at NBC, bias claims about MSNBC, his future at the network and more.

Click here to see the full “So What Do You Do?” with Luke Russert.