Lou Dobbs returns to anchor chair tonight

By Chris Ariens Comment

Lou Dobbs is returning to a regular cable news hosting gig tonight with Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

Daily News:

“After a year layoff, it’s going to take a few months – I’m sure – to find my own pace,” Dobbs says. “Everybody’s making me feel great; the staff is comfortable, and that’s a major part of it. I did miss [TV], and when I discovered I missed it, it made most of my decisions very easy.”

Associated Press:

His new show is likely to feel familiar to his fans, as Dobbs intends to dive into the complex public policy and economic issues that drive society. Owing to his new home, he said the focus will likely be heavier on business than it had been in his final days at CNN.

Daily Mail (U.K.):

The veteran business journalist has lost 25lb in four months preparing for the programme, which begins more than a year after he walked out of CNN amid criticism for his views on illegal immigration.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Although politics will be part of the conversation, Mr. Dobbs said, “It’s a business broadcast, first and foremost. The focus is on the economy, finance, corporate America, job creation …. But as you know, with the intersection of business and politics, we will certainly cover the politics [of business].”