Live Blogging: Where Did It All Go Wrong?

By SteveK Comment

11:34: CNN announced that John Edwards and Mike Huckabee will be guests tonight on Larry King Live. Enjoy that, or some more coverage on FNC and MSNBC. We’ll see you tomorrow.

11:32: John King on CNN floats the idea that race may play a part in the differential between polling data and actual votes.

11:30: Bill Schneider says on CNN that the headline tomorrow will be about where all the polls went wrong.

11:27: Keith Olbermann is asking a Clinton staffer (update-Howard Wolfson) if she’s the front runner. Chris Matthews is either catching his breath or laughing in the background.

11:23: Dick Morris is talking with Sean Hannity on FNC. “I’ve never seen a comeback like this in my entire political life. It was extraordinary,” Morris says. He now thinks she’ll win the nomination.

11:21: “Watching the mainstream media saying that she was done and finished…For a conservative republican, where do I go? Do I side with the Clinton’s or do I side with the mainstream media?” asks Bill Bennett on CNN.

11:19: Frank Luntz and Alan Colmes talking on FNC, with Sean Hannity quietly looking on.

11:18: “We’re looking at the winner of the Democratic primary in New Hampshire. She’s not supposed to be there,” says Dobbs directly after the speech.

11:17: MSNBC and FNC are reporting 81% of vote is in, while CNN has only 78% reporting.

11:08: Hillary Clinton‘s victory speech is live on all the networks.

11:04: Brokaw is self-reflective on the media. “I think people are going to make some judgments on us if they haven’t already if we don’t begin to temper that temptation to constantly try to get ahead of what the voters are deciding.”

11:03: Tom Brokaw on MSNBC: “You know what I think we’re going to have to go back and do? Wait for the voters to make their judgment. What a novel idea.”

11:02: Hey look, Lou Dobbs is back on CNN.