Live Blogging: Time For Change?

By Chris Ariens Comment

8:59: All the cablers on Huckabee.

8:57: Brokaw on the “long night” ahead: Hillary Clinton “has found new life here tonight” if these numbers hold up… and here comes Huckabee.

8:56 The NBC live position at HRC HQ has a big monitor in the background…which is airing CNN.

8:46: Romney speaking. FNC (no audio at first), MSNBC on it. Olympics analogies abound: “another silver.” 8:48: CNN on it too. (my cable was in a local commercial break)

8:41: Brit Hume says we’re going to hear from GOP primary winner John McCain soon.

8:39: New fav debate team: Rachel Maddow and Pat Buchanan. Like Paula Abdul sings: “Opposites attract.”

8:33: John King is working the CNN electro-touch maps a lot more tonight than he did on caucus night.

• ABC News called McCain first at 8:09; aired network special at 8:11 8:09; NBC also aired network special after their call at 8:12.

• McCain call times — FNC- 8:11:20; MSNBC- 8:11:50; CNN- 8:12:30.

8:23: Chris Wallace talks with McCain campaign manager Mark McKinnon; compliments his “lucky” hat, sort of.

8:19: From a tipster: “It’s funny to listen to MSNBC, you can hear the iNews (the computer program the network uses) alerts going off. They’re incredibly loud – both the ‘red alerts’ and ‘yellow alerts.” TVNewser agrees…

8:16: Dana Bash: McCain & Romney ready to go “mano a mano” in Michigan.

8:13: Kelly O’Donnell at celebratory McCain HQ. Ron Allen at “stunned” Mitt Romney HQ.

8:12: NBC, FNC & CNN call GOP primary for Sen. John McCain.

8:11: Tom Foreman‘s report on CNN drowned out by boisterous poll workers in Manchester.

8:05: FNC & MSNBC saying the races are “too close to call.” CNN projects John Edwards will come in third.

8:00: FNC exit polls show McCain and Obama lead their nearest competitors (Romney & Clinton) by 5%.

7:57: Major Garrett (after reporting this afternoon that Carville & Begala were joining the Clinton campaign) reports two others, Maggie Williams and Roy Spence will join HRC ’08.

7:55: Wolf introduces the correspondents in the field. Someone forgot to tell Suzanne Malveaux at Obama HQ, she was still fixing her hair.

7:54: Dobbs hands off to Wolf Blitzer.

7:48: Ben Stein talking politics with Larry Kudlow on CNBC. “Something D-O-O economics. Voodoo economics.”

7:42: Shep Smith talking with Fred Thompson: “It’s about getting to South Carolina…the gateway to the rest of the country.”

7:39: Why is MSNBC still talking about Hillary tearing-up? Oh. “It’s a news story,” says Pat Buchanan.

7:36: Dobbs blasting the media for opining about the results before they’re in: “It’s shameful what the national news media is doing here.” But not CNN, of course.

7:34 MSNBC reports with 6% of vote in: Clinton-36%, Obama-36% / McCain-38%, Romney-29%.

7:31: FNC’s Steve Brown reports mood at Clinton HQ is “not good.”

7:29 If Lou Dobbs uses your email on his show, you get a free copy of his book. Remember, he could be President some day!

7:25: Tim Russert breaks news that McCain and Romney have bought TV time in Michigan.

7:22: It’s the economy ’08. Norah O’Donnell with exit polls. #1 issue for NH Dems: Economy; #1 issue for NH Republicans: Economy.

7:16: Dobbs talks about NBC’s Lee Cowan and how Cowan characterized covering the Obama campaign.

7:13: :46 minutes until the polls close. Enjoy this interlude…

7:11: Dobbs teases a story about Bill Clinton blasting him. “And I’m not even a candidate,” says Dobbs.

7:08: MSNBC running “important issues” exit poll from Democratic voters: Economy, war, health care top list.

7:05: CNN’s Candi Crowley monitoring the “margin of loss” at Clinton HQ. I hope someone at Fox allows Carl Cameron to sleep in tomorrow, he looks tired.

7:00: An “election alert” edition of Fox Report with Shep in NH (where it’s 53F), Lou Dobbs as usual on CNN and Matthews & Olbermanm on MSNBC.