Listen: PBS’ Lawton: ‘The Faith Community Is Very Suspicious of the Media’

By kevin Comment


PBS’ Kim Lawton, managing editor and chief news correspondent for PBS’s Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, joined co-hosts Matt Van Hoven and Jason Boog on the Morning Media Menu for a great conversation about religion reporting and the top stories she’s working on.

The beat has taken her across the world — including to Sri Lanka after the tsunami where she and her driver had to beware of the wild elephants on the road — but it’s often challenging.

“We’re talking about people’s deepest held beliefs and they do get pretty nervous when you start asking them about them,” she said. “It’s a delicate line. I think a lot of faith communities have the idea that the media is out to get them.”

On the Menu, Lawton discusses everything from challenges for the Muslim community to how faith is playing a role in the Obama administration to what people are saying about Christmas carols.

(Note: We’ve already given Matt a hard time for accidentally saying it was “Wednesday, November 4th” even though the interview happened yesterday, but feel free to do so yourself at