Linda Vester Not Coming Back To FNC

By Brian 

Last June, TVNewser broke the news that Linda Vester was taking a year-long maternity leave. “It’s only a year, and I’m sure the time will fly by,” she said last July 3. At the time, Vester’s 1pm show, DaySide, was one of the lowest-rated programs on FNC. “It seems likely that Vester won’t return to Studio D after her year-long maternity leave,” sources said last August.

Well a year has passed, and it’s time for Vester to come back to FNC, right? No. Fox News Channel has told ICN that “there are no plans for her to rejoin the network at this time.” Meanwhile, DaySide has actually lost viewers since Linda left; she had 225,000 demo and 758,000 viewers in June 2005, and that’s down to 209,000 demo and 709,000 viewers in June 2006 with Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy hosting…