LeBron Takes to Twitter to Talk… Kindergarten?

By Alex Weprin Comment

There is no doubt that Twitter has changed the way many people communicate. One of the biggest benefits of the service is that it provides a direct link for fans and viewers to communicate with athletes and media executives.

For an athlete, Twitter is like a mini-media empire, giving you the ability to send your thoughts, photos and video directly to people that are (hopefully) interested in reading them, without the pesky middleman.

A perfect example is Chad Ochocinco, whose Twitter feed has become the go-to place for anything Ochocinco-related.

A recent addition to the athlete-Twitter metaverse is Miami Heat forward LeBron James. This afternoon, James showed just how personal a tweet can get, when he gave a nearly three minute long video tour of his son Bronny’s kindergarten classroom.

The tour is actually very funny, thanks to James’ commentary (“look at all these letters,” and “Teddy bear teddy bear teddy bear” come to mind), but it also serves to humanize James.

It used to be that if an athlete wanted to get positive attention from fans, there were only two ways top do it: delievr for the team, or get a posiitve profile from a respected media outlet.

Now all it takes is one tweet. Given James’ recent history with the media, he needs all the positive attention he can get.