Last Night in “Talking Points”

By SteveK Comment

factor_7-30.JPGThe soap opera saga that is the Scott McClellan-talking points comments, in which he implied, than denied and apologized, then MSNBC doubted, that Bill O’Reilly and others at Fox News received Bush White House talking points, continued last night.

• O’Reilly replayed his phone conversation with McClellan yesterday on the radio, and ended his “Talking Points” memo (no relation) with: “He was a stand-up guy to come on. He knew it was going to be that way. Finally, here is the bigger picture. I have had enough dishonesty from the media and I’m betting you have to. So we are going to confront blatant deception and go after the deceivers no matter where they are.”

• O’Reilly’s 8pmET foil, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, played the Radio Factor segment but had a bit of a different take, as he spent a segment discussing with contributor Eugene Robinson. “If we’re partners, Scott McClellan owes me money,” Olbermann said. “[O’Reilly] made this deal all about him, that he never got talking points from the White House, but what about his producers, his commentators, what about the other Fox noise machines like [Sean] Hannity. They’re not mentioned here – Are they conspicuous by their absence?”

• Alan Colmes, whose name was raised by Dick Morris on Monday as someone who Morris sent Clinton White House talking points to, denied the implication on his blog yesterday. “If someone was sending me talking points, I never saw them,” he wrote. “And, frankly, I have nothing against talking points as long as they’re used with discretion.”

• FNC’s Greta Van Susteren wants her own correction all the way from North Korea. On Gretawire, she wrote, “Now it is my turn…I never got talking points from the White House and I would like McClellan to correct himself. Generalizing is wrong.”

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