Lara Logan: Motherhood ‘Turns You into a Complete Lunatic’

By kevin Comment

logan_12-7.jpgCBS chief foreign affairs correspondent Lara Logan talks with B&C’s Marisa Guthrie about her experiences reporting from Afghanistan and what it’s like to cover a war and go on patrols as an expectant mother:

One of those patrols was under cover of darkness through a canal of stinking sewage water. “And there I am, pregnant, in canal sewage water up to my neck for 5 1/2 hours, belly-crawling through black, filthy mud.”

Later, she adds, they found out that the area was daisy-chained with IEDs. “You have to think about it. It just becomes a much tougher burden to carry.”

As for the controversy surrounding her recent editorializing on the war, her boss is encouraging it. CBS News and Sports president Sean McManus tells B&C that he “wants more of Logan’s perspective on the ‘CBS Evening News’ and elsewhere.”