Lara Logan becomes the news on CBS Evening News

By Chris Ariens Comment

The CBS Evening News reported today’s horrible news — the beating and sexual assault of correspondent Lara Logan in Cairo’s Tahrir Square last Friday. Here’s how Katie Couric reported the news 6 minutes into her broadcast.

Since the beginning of the uprising in Egypt, more than 50 journalists covering it have become targets of violence, including our own chief foreign affairs correspondent Lara Logan. Lara was covering the celebrations in Cairo last Friday when she was surrounded by a mob, sexually assaulted and beaten. She was rescued by a group of women and Egyptian soldiers. Lara is back in the states now and we’re pleased to report she’s recovering well in the hospital. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and, of course, we wish her the very best.

CNN reported the Logan news in the 5pmET hour of “The Situation Room”