Kiran Chetry + Trampoline = Pain

By Chris Ariens Comment

ChetryCast_6.9.jpgIf you’ve noticed anchor Kiran Chetry limping around the “American Morning” set this week here’s why: a trampoline got the best of her last Friday during a friend’s bar-b-que.

“There were nine of us on the trampoline and we were jumping around like little kids. There I was, in the air and they landed a second later and I rolled it,” Chetry told TVNewser by phone, as she made her way to participate in an Internet Week panel discussion.

Chetry went to the ER Saturday morning and after three x-rays was relieved to find out it was just a bad sprain and not a break. “So now I’m in this aircast for the next 4-6 weeks, but I’m determined to get out sooner,” she says.

The news anchor has her own deadline: “We are nominated for a daytime Emmy and we’re going out to LA the last Friday in June and I don’t want to be in this aircast.”

KChetry_6.9.jpgWhile she hasn’t missed any work, the bigger challenge is at home for the mother of two — ages four and two. “My 2-year-old keeps trying to get away from me,” she says. Her kids weren’t on the trampoline at the time, in fact her four-year-old told her later, “See mommy, this is why we should stick with the jumpy castle.”

Chetry, who field anchored from Grand Isle, Louisiana last week covering the oil spill, will be studio-bound for a while. “I just think people can’t get enough of this story,” she says. Her co-anchor John Roberts is there this week. “We have a lot of resources down there and we’re just going to keep on it.”