King of Queens Gets Schooled

By SteveK Comment

matthews_5-16.jpg…Alright, maybe it wasn’t that Kevin James.

On Hardball last night, Chris Matthews moderated a heated debate, which turned into a history pop quiz, between Air America president Mark Green and talk radio host Kevin James.

James was getting worked up (Matthews even asked James, “Why are you screaming?”) over the Bush-Obama back-and-forth, but later, the MSNBC anchor turned his attention to James’ understanding of the historical analogy.

Throughout the next five minutes, Matthews asks, “What did Neville Chamberlain do?” and James uses variations of the term “appeasement” about a dozen times each. Eventually, James says he doesn’t know. “This is pathetic,” Matthews concludes. “We’re talking to people with blank slates in terms of history.”

Click continued to see the video, with the history session beginning around 2:15…