Julie Chen Expecting Her First Child

By Alissa Krinsky Comment

Chen.jpgThe Early Show‘s Julie Chen announced on the program this morning that she is pregnant. It will be her first child, and the fourth for her husband, CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves.

The pregnancy was first reported in today’s New York Post. Chen said on-air that her due date is October 4, and that she will not take maternity leave from the Big Brother reality program she hosts.

Later in the program, co-anchor Harry Smith asked her, “What did your parents say [about the pregnancy]?”

“Oh, they’re so happy,” Chen said. “I mean, my mom’s like, ‘Quit your job!’ I’m like, mom, you raised me to get a college education and become a working woman. Now you’re like, throw it all away? Oh, please!”

The comments have drawn some reaction by viewers on The Early Show‘s website.

“I have to say that you totally offended those of us educated (Masters Degree) women who choose to stay home and take care of our first priority, our children, instead of staying in the work force,” wrote ‘cactusmom.’

But ‘marygivens’ felt otherwise, wanting critics to “get over it. You will be a great mom and still do your job great.”

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