Jim Cramer Says He’s Treated “Shoddily” By the Today Show

By Chris Ariens Comment

Cramer_3.12.jpgOn CNBC’s “Street Signs,” Erin Burnett talked with Jim Cramer about his appearance on The Daily Show tonight. Cramer thinks he might get better treatment from Stewart than when he appears on NBC.

Cramer to Burnett: “I wish you’d go with me. At least you’d deflect it. Like when the “Today” show sandbags me every single time that I’m on and pile drives me into the ground. When you’re there, at least it’s ameliorated.”

Burnett: “I’m going to be watching on my couch and roaring.”

Cramer: “At least they won’t treat me as shoddily as the Today show, probably. Just kidding.”

Burnett gasps, “Oh no,” then tells Cramer she’s seen the Today show rundown for tomorrow morning, and they’ve already carved out space for Cramer on The Daily Show. “If I do badly, you know they’re going to run the whole thing,” he says.

…Jim Cramer? Jim Bell on line #2…

And as we mentioned earlier, Cramer talked about all this with Martha Stewart this morning. Then they made a banana cream pie, seriously. How that went, after the jump…

Martha: And so Jon Stewart, what did he take umbrage at? I like Jon.
Jim: Are you kidding. This is killing me. My kids only know I have a show because Jon Stewart is skewering me. ‘Dad’s got a show! Holy Cow!’ No he’s the best there is.
Martha: I thought you were going on tonight.
Jim: I am.
Martha: Oh you are.
Jim: And I’m a little nervous.

…then during pie-making segment two…

Martha: If you’re mad at someone [picks up rolling pin and pounds the pie dough]…make believe this is Jon Stewart. You do that very well [looking over at Jim pounding the dough].
Jim: Can I do it to him [Jon Stewart] when I’m on the show?
Martha: No, no violence.