Jeff Koinange No Longer Employed By CNN

By Brian Comment

koinangema29.jpgFirst on TVNewser: CNN Africa correspondent Jeff Koinange is suddenly out of a job.

“Jeff Koinange is no longer employed by CNN,” a spokesperson confirmed today. She said CNN will have no further comment, saying “we do not discuss personnel matters.”

Koinange was seen on CNN as recently as May 18, in a 360 special titled “Africa: Dispatches from the Edge.” Staffers started wondering about his status last week. The move may be related to a new blog allegedly published by a jilted lover that’s getting a lot of attention online. (Google it.)

Koinange joined CNN in 2001 after spending six years at Reuters. “Since joining CNN, Koinange has covered a range of African issues and events with a dedication to professional impartiality while using his experience to report on his topics sympathetically,” his bio said. It was removed from in the past few days.