Jeff Greenfield: ‘Network news doesn’t have that much time’

By Alex Weprin Comment

CBS News senior political correspondent Jeff Greenfield–who is leaving the network at the end of the month–will appear on “Julie Menin’s Give & Take” this week.

Greenfield talked about his departure from CBS (he acknowledges that his contract was not renewed) as well as working with Katie Couric and the future of the network evening newscast.

“Network news doesn’t have that much time,” Greenfield told Menin. “I think the time may come when one of the three broadcast networks is going to fundamentally rethink the evening newscast. There is something about that format, which was born out of radio, and made sense when you couldn’t see pictures of the world anywhere else.”

As for “CBS Evening News” anchor Katie Couric, Greenfield says he enjoyed working with her, but he is not surprised that she is considering leaving the program.

“It was a straightjacket for her,” he said. “For her, that great skill she has in interviewing, it is not something you can do on a conventional evening newscast.”