Jasper Schuringa Makes the TV Rounds, Exclusive or Not

By Chris Ariens Comment

Jasper Schuringa, the hero of Northwest Airlines flight 253, continued telling his story today. After an exclusive interview on CNN yesterday, he gave an exclusive broadcast morning show interview to ABC News. But the three-minute interview with Bill Weir on “Good Morning America” Weekend. did not include the grainy cell phone image CNN purchased the rights to yesterday, which helped secure their interview with the Dutch man.

FNCJS_12.27.jpgSchuringa also appeared on Fox & Friends Weekend, via the CNN clip. FNC, like ABC and NBC last night on their nightly broadcasts, will argue fair use of the image, should CNN make a claim.

• Other notes on the terror scare:

— Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was a late add to “Meet the Press” and “This Week.”

— CNN’s “Reliable Sources” was shortened by 15 minutes this morning (10:15amET-11amET) so “State of the Union” could update viewers with the latest news on the terror attempt at 10am.